LKBT & Tecsun Vacuum Technology Engineering Co. Ltd. leaders in pvd, ion plating, Amorphous silicon thin film solar cells product line.


HEKEDA is a leader in metal finishing systems & builds custom made equipments for several industries including Aerospace, Electronic, Automotive & General finishing.


Ever Tech Laser Technology Ltd. is a high tech enterprise which is professionally engaged in research, development & manufacturing of laser equipments.

P. A. Distribution & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. a member of Maxima group is an authorized distributor of high quality vacuum equipments, Laser marking and Wet Plating Systems.

  • Suitable for plating on metal, plastic, ceramic & glass substrates.

  • Wide range of plating applications on Watches, Spectacles, Sanitary wares, Hardware, Sheet glasses, Decorative items and Automotive industry.

  • Laser marking applications in Cutlery / Packing Industry, Organic Glass Cutting, Metal Parts Cutting, Metal Welding, Electronic Marking, Image Engraving, Metal Name Plat Marking, Cloth Cutting, Leather bag Material Cutting and Wood Engraving / Cutting.



Heat Tube Vacuum Plating System   Nickel/Chrome Electroplating System   Pumped Laser Welding / Cutting Machine
High Class Auto Lamp Plating System   Auto Rotary Vertical Plating Line   CO2 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine
Special Plating System   Auto Side Arm Plating Line   Fiber laser marking machine
Vacuum Evaporation Aluminum Plating System   Full Automatic Optical Glass Ultrasonic Wave Washing Machines   CO2 Laser Precise Stamp Marker
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