Magnetic Filtering Ion Plating System


The Magnetic filtering ion plating system is successfully inverted by our company. With the advanced plasm plating technology, called as FAD. Compared with PVD & CVD , as its rate of ionization of the deposited particles after the magnetic filtering reaches 100 % & it leaves no large particle, the film shaped by FAD is very dense & smooth. Whar's more, it can firmly combine with the work piece with excellent corrosion - proof performance PVD, CVD & FAD comparison.

Film Type Atom   Ion
Deposite Energy 0.1 eV 1 eV 20*102 eV
Binding Force Bad Good Excellent
Working Pressure 10-3 Torr 10-3 Torr >10-3 Torr
Film Density Bad Good Excellent
Deposition Speed High Intermediate High
Deposition Size Large Small Large
Deposition Temperature -120C >200C 10-999C


It can be used for plating various high-quality, dense, smooth and ultra-hard films, including various singular metal films (such as Cr, Ni, Zr, Ti etc), carbon compounds( such as WC, TiC etc), oxygen compounds( Al2O3, TaO, ZnO etc), nitrogen compounds (TiN, AlN, etc) and DLC film (also called Ta-C). Besides, the system can be equipped with multiple magnetic filtering arc sources, so it can be used for plating special multi-layer film and compound film. What,s more , as we have the beam integrator, we have the ability to make the film at nanometer level to get a multi-layer nanofilm.
As the film can combine with the work piece firmly, it can be widely used for various decorative plating (Ti film), protective plating( DLC film) on the glasses lens, mobile plate, Watch plate, and hard disc etc and work mold plating ( TiN film and DLC film ) etc to meet the anti- abrasive and corrosion-proof requirements with beautiful appearance.




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