LKBT & Tecsun Vacuum Technology Engineering Co. Ltd. Products
LKBT Products:

Vacuum Evaporation Aluminium Plating System

DCLC - 800 Series Multifunction Plating System

LKDC - 1000 F Intermediate Frequency Multifunction Plating System

Magnetron Sputtering Target System

Vacuum Heat Treatment System


Magnetic Filtering Ion Plating System

MEVVA Ion Injecting System

High Class Auto Lamp Plating System

Special Plating System

Winding System for Packaging Films, Laser Ani-Counterfeit Film & Marks Reflecting Film


Heat Tube Vacuum Plating System

Vacuum Plating System for Curtain Wall glass

Tecsun Vacuum Technology Engineering Co. Ltd. Products:

Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells Product Line

Vacuum Sintering Furnace

TS Series of Vertical Two-Door Vacuum Coating Machine

TS Series of Horizontal Vacuum Coating Machine for Plastic

Magnetron / arc composite coating Machines


LKBT & Tecsun Vacuum Technology Engineering Co. Ltd. independent intellectual property rights in domestic field of vacuum applications & ion-plating & PVD Coating equipments.


HEKEDA is a leader in metal finishing systems & builds custom made equipments for several industries including Aerospace, Electronic, Automotive & General finishing.


Ever Tech Laser Technology Ltd. is a high tech enterprise which is professionally engaged in research, development & manufacturing of laser equipments.

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