Vacuum Sintering Furnace

TS series of vacuum heat treatment furnace has the following advantages :

  1. Imported micro-multi-point auto temperature control system is adopted. There is a good temperature uniformity in the vacuum chamber, and there is energy-saving effect.

  2. There are inside (or outside) the rapid cycle of high-power cooling fans, so that a wide range of cooling rate and temperature to be set.

  3. High ultimate vacuum, high pumping speed. You can operate the Japanese PLC manually or automatically. Once Errors occur and display on the screen automatically, precautionary measures and protections will start .

  4. A new type of heat exchange cooling devices, improve cooling efficiency and shorten the processing time.

  5. Frequency converter (Optional), high-power fans to implement soft-start variable and at the same time with different pressure, the effective control of the cooling rate. It can be arbitrarily set the temperature and cooling temperature, cooling process step by step.

  6. Intelligent power modules are adopted to instead of magnetic mode power supply, greatly reduce the size and weight, lower power consumption, more convenient to operate.




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