Co2 Laser Marking Machine M5C / M12C / M20C / M30C / M55C / M100C


  1. laser power is big

  2. Power is controlled by software, and continuity.

  3. Marking scope is large.

  4. Marking is clearly, is not easy to wear, the efficiency of cutting is high.

  5. Engraving depth is at will.

  6. The cost is low and need not consumption materials.

Application field
Widely be used in the nonmetallic material, such as button, leather, lumber, plastic, electronic component, glass and gas cutting processing.

Technical Data

TYPE M30C M55C M100C
Max Laser Power 30W 55W 100W
Whole Consumption Power ≤1.2KW ≤1.5KW ≤4KW
Marking Depth <3mm <3mm <5mm
Marking Area 100100mm、200200mm、300300mm
Length of Laser Weave 10.6μm
Marking Line Speed <7000mm/s
Min line width 0.1 mm/s 0.15 mm/s
Min Character 0.40mm
Repeat Precision +/-0.01mm
Laser Repeat Frequency ≤50KHZ




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