CO2 Laser Cutting Machine E2514N - X / 2514N / 125125N / 12590N

Without pre-heat, can directly turn on, Cost-effective, steadily capability, maintenance conveniently and low costs in using and maintenance.

Application field
Many using ways for one laser cutting machine, which can cut metal and non-metal, including three functions:

  1. Organic glass industry: 80% machining quantity for less than 10mm, and the speed of by E2514 / 300W can up to 1 meter / min when cutting 10mm, and also up to 30cm / min when cutting 30 mm (the most thickness).

  2. Cutlery moulding board / packing / wooden board / furniture: It is suit for packing industry and furniture industry. The speed up to 1 meter / min for 9mm high density board and 30cm / min for 18mm cutlery moulding board and the cutting gap flatness and beautifully.

  3. Metal plate industry: steel board: 80% machining quantity for less than 3mm, the speed up to 3 meter / min for 0.8mm. 1 meter / min for 2mm. Besides, this machine can also cut the titanium plated board and stainless steel of the same thickness.

Technical Data

TYPE E2514N-X E2514N E125125N E12590N
Revolving axes Yes No No No
Working table 2500 X 1400mm 2500 X14mm 1250 X 1250mm 1250 X 900mm
Cutting repeat precision 0.2MM 0.2MM 0.1 MM 0.1MM
Laser Tube Type CO2 / 300W (Option 200W) Water Cooling
Laser Control Power Supply Enclosing Environment Control
DPS5 Control System numeral control, special cutting software, kinds of graphic format and easy to learn
Servo Motor System import optics lens
Refrigeration Unit 2P 1.8 KW Special Using
Air Compressor WX - 3HP 2.2 KW (Scroll air compressor)
Cooling drier WXD - 5HP 0.5 KW
Exhaust Fan 1.5 KW Oxygen (for cutting metal, not for non-metal)
Machining Speed 70 - 3000mm / min (According to the thickness of the material)
Dimensio 5200 X 4800 X 1500mm 5200 X 4800 X 1500mm 2750 X 4000 X 1300mm 2300 X 4100 X 1250mm
Weight 3500 KG 3000 KG 2500 KG 1800 KG




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