End pump laser marking machine M5EP/M10EP/M20EP


EP series of laser adapts the most advanced semiconductor-pumped Q-switched lasers; equipment using integrated design, compact appearance, it has a good beam patterns, energy and performance are stability, reliable to use and other features.
1、resonator and pumped unit design
2、national state, compact, package design.
3、duplication of high-frequency, long working life, excellent beam quality.
4、small size, light weight;
5、low heat, air-cooled;
6、pumped laser diode can be replaced.

Application field
Can be used in all metal material, alloy and oxide, such as ABS, nylon, pes, pvc and carbonic acid polyester; can do laser marking, engraving and processing.


Average Laser Power 5W 10W 20W
Beam Quality M2<1.3 M2<1.5 M2<2
Laser Length 1064nm
Laser Repeat Frequency ≤100 kHz
Pulse Width 5-25ns
Beam Quality M2<1.3 M21.5 M2<2.0
Cooling Method Air cooling
Scan Area 110mmX110mm
Min Line Width 0.01mm
Repeat Precision 0.001mm
Whole Consumption Power ≤1500W
Working Table Up-down Area 260mm
Working Table can BearWeight 25kg
Control System windows xp; windows2000




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