Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Equipment model:M5F(Q), M10F(Q)

The new generation of fiber laser marking system has the revolutionary :

  1. It has volume slightly, the semiconductor module has got long life (>500 thousand hours), the power consumption is low (160Q) 、The beam quality is high, the USB connection, supports WIN98/2000/XP and other operating system.

  2. It is not influenced by bad circumstance and temperature change; May use the accumulator cell and an automobile smoke under the power cut condition and so on carries on the operation.
    Before Fiber laser appeared, laser marking system normally adopts Continuous or pulse output CO2 laser tube, ND-YAG Laser tube as laser source. Compared with traditional laser source, the performance of fiber laser is more excellent, Radiation angle is 1/4 of Diode-pumped laser tube (more suitable for precise and fine marking); the conversion efficiency of electro-optic is 1/10 of lamp pumped solid laser marker; The average working time reaches 100,000 hours;

  3. Fiber laser is a type of full air cooling, so it doesn't need refrigerant device, freezing water pipe or temperature controller, the volume is reduced, energy consumption is decreased, so the use cost of user is much lower than use cost of traditional laser marking system.

The pulse of ETL Fiber laser is 10-100KHz repeat frequency working, The volume of the fiber laser which average power output is 10W-20W is only 46160 is working in low voltage, the conversion efficiency of electro-optic is up to 70%, and driving power supply can use UPS power supply when the power is shut off the power consumption is only 160W.

Application field
Electronics & hardware, glass & clock,  food package, automotive parts, plastic & paper, hygienic appliance, bullion & diamond, craft work & gifts, costume & leather, organic glass, light-pass key.

Technical Data

Type Continuity Pulse
Power CW (5W, 10W, 20W) Q (5W, 10W, 20W)
Laser Length 1030-1120nm 1060nm
Laser Power 10%-100% Continual 20KHZ-80KHZ Continual
Power Supply 110-220V AC/50HZ - 60HZ 110-220V AC / 50HZ - 60HZ
Electricity Power < 160 W < 160 W
Machine Dimension 460mm*16mm*250mm 570mm*270mm*200mm
Wet Weight < 35 KG < 38 KG
Focusing Spot Diameter < 0.01 mm
Marking depth ≤1.2mm
Marking Area 30mm / 30mm - 300mm / 300mm Optical
Marking Speed >800 Character/s
Semiconductor Life >100,000 Hour
System Win98 / Win2000 / XP
Cooling Mode Air Cooling
Controlling Join Standard USB
Accept Typeface and Document Format

WINDOWS operating system fonts all typefaces/Font (including various countries language and writing/Bar code and so on); BMP/Belt 256 gradation images document and DXF/ and so on PCXPLT form vector graphic file.




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