Pumped laser welding/cutting machine - M400Y

The equipment used integrated design, compact appearance, it has a good beam patterns, energy is stability, also stable performance, reliable, welding speed, a wide range of fitness welding , consumables and easy consumption can use for a long life and other characteristics, taking fully into account equipment Mass production in the various parameters, do from the details the key parameters and data can be showed the adjustable closed-loop.

Application field

YAG laser marker can welding and cutting multi-metals , Widely applies in the electronic device, the integrated circuit (IC), electric appliance, mobile phone communication, hardware product, tool fitting, precision instrument, glasses clock and watch, automobile fitting, building materials, medical instrument.

Laser Technical data

Type Value
Laser Length 1.06μm
Laser Working Material Nd: YAG
Output energy 80J
average output power 350W
max laser output power 450W
laser pulse frequency 0.1-100Hz (continue)
laser pulse width 0.3-20ms (continue)
beam exhale angle ≤8mrad
Laser continuum working time ≥16h
Input power 3phase4wire:380V5%
Rated input power 12KW
Pulse working current 100-400A
Power supply instability ≤2.5%
focus lens foci f=75mm
Min beam spot diameter 0.3mm
Denotes Laser length 0.6328um
Denotes power 1mW
water supply pressure 40Kpa
water current ≥30L/Min
Water temperature adjust range 20C-45C, precision 1C




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