Laser Marking Systems

Fiber laser marking machine M5F(Q) / M10F(Q)

Pumped laser welding / cutting machine

End pump laser marking machine
M5EP / M10EP / M20EP

Co2 laser marking machine
M5C / M12C / M30C / M55C / M100C

CO2 laser engraving & cutting machine E9060 / E14060

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine E2514N - X / 2514N / 125125N / 12590N

Large-scale laser cutting machine E1200


CO2 laser pricise stamp marker E3525




LKBT & Tecsun Vacuum Technology Engineering Co. Ltd. independent intellectual property rights in domestic field of vacuum applications & ion-plating & PVD Coating equipments.


HEKEDA is a leader in metal finishing systems & builds custom made equipments for several industries including Aerospace, Electronic, Automotive & General finishing.


Ever Tech Laser Technology Ltd. is a high tech enterprise which is professionally engaged in research, development & manufacturing of laser equipments.

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